Breeders of our Norwegian Forest Cats


Blue Tanis (Switzerland)


Et Consortez (Sweden)


Scarlett-sandra's (Denmark)


Elvenstar  (Greece)

Breeders with Fini's Place


Forest Tales (Pocahontas, Angel de Cora and Great Gatsby's home) Portugal


von-den-roten-teufeln (Arethousa's home) Germany


Thenia Foutiadou (Storgy's home) Greece


Frozen Lands (Lyra's home) Spain


Scarlett-sandra's (Philia and Dynasty's home) Denmark

Farfallina Tree (Watchekee and Olivia de Havilland's Home) Portugal




Cattery member of Clube Português de Felinicultura and FIFe | Founder of Clube Bosques da Noruega (CNFO)

Last update 21/07/2019

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